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*** For Christmas 2018 'Arbour Editions' whole library of books available for sale will be post free (UK) ***

The particular focus of our first three books we have published in handmade limited editions, is that of overt sensuality in Clare's poetry, revealed through both his knowledge and understanding of other poets, such as Ovid, and through his own undoubted experience of love and sex and the women in his life.  In all aspects of production a handmade book is conceived and planned as a work of art, as well as a conveyor of knowledge. The content, the images, the text, the papers, the cover materials, the style of binding are all intended primarily to enhance and add to the experience of discovering more about Clare's work.  These books are:

The Lovers Meeting (2013) - £20.00
The Poet in Love (2014) & - £25.00
In the Shadows (2015) - £25.00

The second and continuing publishing effort is to produce high quality paperback volumes at an affordable price.  There are two aspects to this work.  The first is to publish Clare texts that are either unpublished or little known.  To date there are two of these:

Hidden Treasures (2016) & £6.00
Memoirs of Uncle Barnaby (2017) (Clare's unfinished novel) - £12.50

The third and continuing quarterly series is of modern Chapbooks. Historically a Chapbook was normally octavo in size (A5) and is made up of one or more full sheets of paper (a Folio) on which 16 pages of text were printed, which were then folded three times to produce eight leaves - sixteen sides. Each leaf of an octavo book thus represents one eighth the size of the original folio sheet.  These eight leaves are also known as ‘signatures’. So our Chapbooks being 32 pages in length are two signatures long, or 16 octavo (A5) sheets.

Each Chapbook covers a single aspect of Clare's work in brief, and currently consists of 11 books:

Drinking with John Clare (2016) - £3.50
Helpston's Fountains (2017) - £3.50
With the Gipsies (2017) - £3.50
Playing Games with John Clare (2017) - £3.50
Accursed Wealth (2017) - £3.50
Trees - In a Strange Stillness (2018) - Double - £6.50
Walking with John Clare (2018) - Double - £7.00
Clouds (2018) - Double - £6.50
The Gothic John Clare (2018) - £3.50
The Revival of Interest (2018) - £5.00
Honesty and Hypocrisy (2019) - £4.00

To order, send me a message on and I will do the rest.  Each of these volumes is further described via the 'Pages' list on the left-hand side of this page:

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