The Maid Of Ocram or, Lord Gregory

Over the next week a longer narrative poem from Clare's
early work, "The Maid of Ocram or, Lord Gregory"

Gay was the Maid of Ocram
As lady eer might be
Ere she did venture past a maid
To love Lord Gregory.
Fair was the Maid of Ocram
And shining like the sun
Ere her bower key was turned on two
Where bride bed lay for none.

And late at night she sought her love--
The snow slept on her skin--
Get up, she cried, thou false young man,
And let thy true love in.
And fain would he have loosed the key
All for his true love's sake,
But Lord Gregory then was fast asleep,
His mother wide awake.

And up she threw the window sash,
And out her head put she:
And who is that which knocks so late
And taunts so loud to me?
It is the Maid of Ocram,
Your own heart's next akin;
For so you've sworn, Lord Gregory,
To come and let me in.

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Pilot Mom said...

Roger, I popped in for a visit today with Arevanye and she gave me the link to Arborfield. After visiting with her I took a long leisurely stroll through Arborfield and truly did feel like I was strolling along with the Lord in the Garden! How soothing it was and what magnificent color! Your magnolia reminds me of a favorite one of mine in Mississippi. Also, what a delight to "meet" your family! Your lovely wife has a beautiful smile! I truly hope you continue with your walks, as well as showing us different seasons of Arborfield! I will pop back in very soon...anytime I need to stop and sloooowwww down a mite. Sometimes I feel too hurried and I just need to remember how much I enjoy a slower pace. So, thank you for a peek into a hidden area and offering me another respite enjoying the Lord's beautiful creation! Claire