Summer Images (I)

Now swarthy summer, by rude health embrowned,
Precedence takes of rosy fingered spring;
And laughing joy, with wild flowers pranked and crowned,
A wild and giddy thing,
And health robust, from every care unbound,
Come on the zephyr's wing,
And cheer the toiling clown.

Happy as holiday-enjoying face,
Loud tongued, and "merry as a marriage bell,"
Thy lightsome step sheds joy in every place;
And where the troubled dwell,
Thy witching smiles wean them of half their cares;
And from thy sunny spell,
They greet joy unawares.
(tbc) Posted by Hello


Nomad said...

Giddy, indeed! Drunk on the words and the basking, bursting field!

The more formal gardens of the public park I get to cycle through every morning can't help themselves, and are unrestraindedly full of roses bounding and lolling all over the posts and rope-swags, lavender fizzing like purple coral below; how gorgeously indecorous of them!

Ahem! Back to Clare, I think he catches the smell and the baking heat of things so well with 'Now swarthy summer, by rude health embrowned' and 'health robust'.

Nomad said...

Sorry-- 'unrestrainedly'!