The Lament of Swordy Well (Final)

Carry's "Wet Meadow" brings to an end Clare's Lament.

Do visit Swaddywell if you are in the Helpston vicinity, it is very much worth the effort.

And if I could find a friend
With no deciet to sham
Who'd send me some few sheep to tend
And leave me as I am
To keep my hills from cart and plough
And strife and mongerel men
And as spring found me find em now
I should look up agen

And save his Lordships woods that past
The day of danger dwell
Of all the fields I am the last
That my own face can tell
Yet what with stone pits delving holes
And strife to buy and sell
My name will quickly be the whole
Thats left of swordy well Posted by Picasa


dorothy healy said...

hello, i have been looking for a poem by clare which i believe to be called,"come hither"
"the world is all lost in confusion. the blind lead the blind into strife. come hither thou wreck of lifes ocean, let solitude warm thee to life. be the pilgrim of love and the joy of its sorrow be anything but the worlds man . the dark or today brings the sun of tommarro be proud that your joy here began. poor shipwreck of life journey hither and we'll talk of lifes troubles together.

it would mean alot to me if i could find on the web the entire poem. thank you , dorothy

dorothy healy said...

about my last post , if anyone can direct me to that poem please email me @,

thanks again

Lionel Little said...

You may have a long search. Peter Moyse told us, when conducting this years villiage walk, that of the excerps of verse quoted on the John Clare momorial, none of the poems from which they were taken has been found!