Wood Pictures in Summer

Delicious Green (Carry Akroyd)

Here is the whole of Carry's painting that illustrates the following lines. Incidentally, postcards of it (and a number of other paintings) are available from Carry by post. Try www.carryakroyd.co.uk

The one delicious green that now pervades
The woods and fields in endless lights and shades
And that deep softness of delicious hues
That overhead blends-softens-and subdues
The eye to extacy and fills the mind
With views and visions of enchanting kind
While on the velvet down beneath the swail
I sit on mossy stulp and broken rail
Or lean oer crippled gate by hugh old tree
Broken by boys disporting there at swee
While sunshine spread from an exaustless sky
Gives all things extacy as well as I
And all wood-swaily places even they
Are joys own tennants keeping holiday
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