The Village Minstrel - XLVII

And as the load jogg'd homeward down the lane,
When welcome night shut out the toiling day,
Following he mark'd the simple-hearted swain;
Joying to listen, on his homeward way,
While rest's warm rapture rous'd the rustic's lay,
The thread-bare ballad from each quavering tongue,
As "Peggy Band," or the "Sweet month of May":
Oh how he joy'd to hear each "good old song,"
That on night's pausing ear did echo loud and long.

Peggy Band she is my jewel,
My heart lies in her breast,
Although we are at a distance,
I still love her the best.
Although we are at a distance,
And the seas between us roar,
I'll be constant to my Peggy,
And so adieu for evermore.
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Mark said...

I'm trying to match the lyric with a tune... do you have a source for the lyric and/or know where I can find either notation of or a recording of the tune, preferably with the lyric being sung to it?

Anonymous said...

I wondered the same thing. Were you able to find a tune? lkm