from "Song's Eternity"

"Tootle tootle tootle tee" --
Can it be
Pride and fame must shadows be?
Come and see --
Every season own her own;
Bird and bee
Sing creation's music on;
Nature's glee
Is in every mood and tone


god-free morals said...

the eternity of song
liveth here.

many thanks, a great blog. john clare is one of my most beloved of poets. also, great photographs yours? will continue to look in.

Anonymous said...

I have just recently discovered John clare and i felt an immediate affinity with the way he thought. 'On some lone Island' and, of course, 'Iam' are truly beautiful.
This is a great blog - the tree photographs are incredible.
Iam currently doing cross stich tapestries of Clare's poems so when i find someone with the technical knowledge i will get some photos posted.