From "November"

[Image - "Hares Chasing" by Carry Akroyd]

The timid hare seems half its fears to lose,
Crouching and sleeping neath its grassy lair,
And scarcely startles, though the shepherd goes
Close by its home, and dogs are barking there;
The wild colt only turns around to stare
At passer by, then knaps his hide again;
And moody crows beside the road forbear
To fly, though pelted by the passing swain;
Thus day seems turned to night, and tries to wake in vain.
What a wonderful Festival we enjoyed in sunny Helpston over the weekend. The highlights for me were Ronnie Blythe's talk on 'Clare the Plowman' and Richard Mabey on Clare's botanical sensibilities. Greetings to all members... see you next year?

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