From 'Home Yearnings'

[Carry's 'Woodwalton Fen' in all its glory - click on the image for the full effect]

The sheep within the fallow field,
The herd upon the green,
The larks that in the thistle shield,
And pipe from morn to e'en--
O for the pasture, fields, and fen!
When shall I see such rest again?

I love the weeds along the fen,
More sweet than garden flowers,
For freedom haunts the humble glen
That blest my happiest hours.
Here prison injures health and me:
I love sweet freedom and the free.

[Woodwalton Fen from 'The Great Fen Project website]
Examining this map in details shows that Carry's painting is rather more accurate a portrayal than most folk realise, and shows her wonderful way of capturing the nature of a place in a few brush-strokes. She is to be congratulated... I am sure that Clare would have approved.

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