A 'Northborough' Sonnet

[Image: Carry Akroyd's "Cows on the Watermeadows"]
With hands in pocket hid & buttoned up
The clown goes jogging merrily along
The wind blows in his face & makes him stoop
& rain beats hard & stops his merry song
His shaggy coat is buttoned with a loop
With whip held up for stroke robust & strong
& hat half stuffed with straw to keep it up
He gruffly hollos whop & lobs along
He never turns but with a carless switch
Whoots up his tean that answers with a jerk
When friends are met he gives his coat a hitch
& cocks his beaver up & talks of work
To loose no time he trails his whip along
& bends it neath his arm to tie the thong

Clare did not give titles to the Northborough Sonnets, but I guess you could call this one "With hands in pocket"

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