Midsummer Cushion

Vikki Clayton
Album: Midsummer Cushion (1991)Prestige Records - CDSGP008
Vikki is regarded now almost as 'folk royalty' and is a brilliant acoustic guitarist and wonderful singer. She has recorded regularly for over 15 years and for years has been much in demand on the folk circuit. The Clare album was a real surprise find, and a treat.
01 The Gardeners Bonny Daughter (Clare)
02 Mad Meg (Clare)
03 Dollys Mistake (Clare)
04 Wanton Mary (Trad.)
05 Lucys Lament (Clare)
06 Singing Jenny (Clare)
07 Proud Betsy (Clare)
08 I Love Thee (Clare)
09 The Badger (Clare)
I started to read poetry written by a Georgian poet named John Clare. I was so inspired by these beautiful poems that I was filled with the longing to sing them. When I talked to Gordon Giltrap about this he urged me to make an album. And so Midsummer Cushion was born. It was a wonderful experience to choose the poems and to set them to music. One day I'd like to repeat it. Gordon produced the album for me and if I'm not mistaken it too is a rare find! (But a good investment …)

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