Helpston Green (III)

The greens gone too—ah lovely scene
No more the kingcup gay
Shall shine in yellow oer the green
And shed its golden ray
No more the herdsmans early call
Shall bring the cows to feed
Nor more the milkmaids evening brawl
In ‘come-mull’ tones succeed
Both milkmaids shouts and herdsmans call
Have vanish'd with the green
The kingcups yellow shades and all
Shall never more be seen
But the thick culterd tribes that grow
Will so efface the scene
That after times will hardly know
It ever was a green


The Weaver of Grass said...

I do appreciate the lovely, peaceful photographs which you put with each poem - they really bring the poems to life. Thank you.

Roger R. said...

Why thank you TWOG... very nice of you to say so. BUT of course the peoms are really the thing!