Great Casterton

Ronald Blythe deep in conversation with David Rowe in the garden of the Crown Inn, Great Casterton just opposite the church in which Clare and Patty were married in March 1820. David sang two of Clare's poems - 'Maid of Walkherd' and 'The Courtship' as part of the presentation of poems, songs and readings in the Church. It is hoped that these songs will form part of a Clare CD in the near future. At present I can offer a 'Demo' recording of David's settings of 9 of Clare's poems for the princely sum of £3-00.

A womans is the dearest love
Theres nought on earth sincerer
The leisure upon beautys breast
Can any thing be dearer

I saw her love in beauty’s face
I saw her in the rose
I saw her in the fairest flowers
In every weed that grows

(from 'The Courtship')


Anonymous said...

I'm reading in french the book of Ronald Blythe about the life in Akenfield. Beautiful book and very interesting. One day, I hope, I 'll come to visit the village and talk with Mister Blythe. Thanks to him. How is living now at Akenfield in 2012 ?? Happy New Year

Roger R... said...

Akenfield is a fictional village based on several villages in which Ronnie has lived. He has MANY other books in print, but I'm not sure how many would have been translated into French.