Left in the world alone

[Image: 'Crow' from a Carry Akroyd poster]

Left in the world alone
Where nothing seems my own
And everything is weariness to me

'Tis a life without an end
'Tis a world without a friend
And everything is sorrowful I see

There's the crow upon the stack
And other birds all black
While November's frowning wearily

And the black-clouds dropping rain
'Till the floods hide half the plain
And everything is weariness to me

The sun shines wan and pale
Chill blows the northern gale
And odd leaves shake and shiver on the tree

While I am left alone
Chilled as a mossy stone
And all the world is frowning over me


Anonymous said...

fabulous one...at the moment its so relevant for me i loved it awefully!

Roger said...

Clare speak to me in the same way... there is something for every mood. Keep reading...