Some Account of my Kin, my Tallents & Myself (II of II)

[Scriven's 1821 engraving]

Still tho my genius cant be reckond rich
That its origional youll all agree
& tho my pen is often on the itch
Ive kept as yet from thieving pretty free
To tell the truth Ive hardly stole from any
Save some few things from worthey mother Bunch
A joke from Miller (praisd as mine by many)
For an old pedlar once who acted punch

If you like this Ill tell you tales by dozens
Which youll find pretty or I miss my aim
To strengthen this I might bring in my cousins
Who swear Im hastning up the hill to fame
But of friends praise I cant say Im a lover
For they like all are very prone to puff
Oft magazines laud books upon the cover
That prove when read most disagreeable stuff

So here Ill leave this sample to its fate
Send me the ‘London’ if you take the hint
Twill get you half a crown at any rate
For Ill give that to see my name in print
& be as't will Ill wait & hope the better
Gran poor old creature will be all delight—
& as Aunt Prissey often ends a letter
When getting late—I wish you all good night

June 14, 1821 past 10 o'clock


Lewis Greenslade said...

Hi there~

I was a student studying at The King's School when you visited a couple years back~ And I've been a follower of the blog ever since.

I'm currently applying to study illustration at uni, in fact my interview is tomorrow. I've done several drawings based with John Clare prose, I was wondering if you would like to see~ for example

Roger R. said...

Lewis... how nice to hear from you. And yes, I do remember you.

I wondered if you would like some of your images used on the Clare Weblog? (With proper attribution of course).

I have downloaded 'Left in the World Alone'.. but will not use it without your permission.

Where are you to study?

Regards... Roger R.

Lewis Greenslade said...

Ah good to hear I left a lasting impression!

I'm applying only to Falmouth, visited for the open day and felt that it was perfect for me... I'm not a city-goer and it was between Falmouth, Cardiff and London~

You're welcome to use them, I have 4 uploaded, but several more in my notebooks. I'll link you the ones I currently have.

Roger R. said...

Brilliant Lewis... if you give me a couple of sentences about yourself... I'll post that too. Nothing like a bit of publicity!

Roger R.

Lewis Greenslade said...

Ah! Appologies for not replying, been distracted by all manner of things happening atm.

As for me... I'm an arts student hoping to study drawing at Falmouth. I've always been more interested in classical and observational drawings, enjoying the act of studying and learning from the natural world. I've decided to incorporate John Clare into my works because of the foresight that he had. A message about the environment which we're only just starting to appreciate today.

Roger R. said...

Brilliant Lewis... I assume you have been offered a place at Falmouth?

Roger R.