Lo! Autumn's come—wheres now the woodlands green?
The charming Landscape? and the flowrey plain?
All all are fled and left this motly scene
Of fading yellow tingh'd with russet stain
Tho these seem desolatley wild and drear
Yet these are spring to what we still shall find
Yon trees must all in nakednes appear
'Reft of their folige by the blustry wind
Just so 't'will fare with me in Autumns life
Just so I'd wish—but may the trunk and all
Die with the leaves—nor taste that wintry strife
Where Sorrows urge,—but still impede the fall.


Joana Guerra said...

Beautiful written this poem, charming. I just came across your blog randomly while I was looking for some new and unexpected to read. Really liked it. Greetings from Portugal,

Roger R... said...

As you can see Joana we have been running for 8 years! Clare was, of course, the most amazing of poets. Do look at some of the linked sites.

Roger R.