To an April Daisy

Welcome old Maytey peeping once again
Our meeting minds me of a pleasent hour
Springs pencil pinks thy cheek that blushy stain
& Summer glistens in thy tinty flower

Hail Beautys gem disdaining time nor place
Carlessly creeping on the dunghills side
Demeanour softens in thy crimpled face
& Decks thee with a charm unknown to pride

Hail 'venturer once again—that fearless here
Encampeth on the hoar hills sunny side
Springs early messenger thourt doubly dear
& Winters loss by thee is well suply'd

Now winters storms shall cease their pelting rage
Nor need I mention Winters woes to thee
Far better luck thy visits well presage
& be it thine & mine that luck to see

Ah may thy smiles confirm the hopes they tell—
To see thee frost bit I'd be griev'd at heart
I meet thee happy & I wish thee well
Till ripening summer summons us to part

Then like old friends or mates thats neighbours been
Well part in hopes to meet another year
& at thy exit from this changing scene
Well mix our wishes in a tokening tear

Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery (1820)

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