Ronnie Blythe on Clare

Well, yes... as well as much else.  A special treat for Clareans worldwide may be found here :

Ronnie's piece published in the 'Church Times' today... always a wonderful read and available in most newsagents.  Ronnie has been writing his 'Word from Wormingford' now for decades.

Swaddywell, the present quarry site, was first excavated after Clare's death and the quarry he knew was Swordy Well alongside King Street. Now filled in it would have appeared in Clare's time like the present Hills and Hollows at Barnack. Apparently this method of excavation arose through people quarrying stone for their individual houses. The photo (below) shows how the old quarry at Barnack now looks, presumably very similar to the holes where Clare hid himself from view.  (With thanks to Peter Leverington)

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