The fallen elm (final)

Thus came enclosure—ruin was her guide
But freedoms clapping hands enjoyed the sight
Tho comforts cottage soon was thrust aside
And workhouse prisons raised upon the site.
Een natures dwelling far away from men
The common heath became the spoilers prey;
The rabbit had not where to make his den
And labours only cow was drove away.
No matter — wrong was right and right was wrong
And freedoms brawl was sanction to the song.
Such was thy ruin music making Elm;
The rights of freedom was to injure thine:
As thou wert served, so would they overwhelm
In freedoms name the little that is mine.

And these are knaves that brawl for better laws
And cant of tyranny in stronger powers
Who glut their vile unsatiated maws
And freedoms birthright from the weak devours.

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