O thou mysterious past...

O thou mysterious past from time set free
What hopes joys fears lye buried under thee
The very winds that passed where thou didst dwell
& clouds slow sailing oer that happy dell
Where charged with idle messages of sighs
& anxious wishes of my gazing eyes
When ere thou wandered out at evenings hour
My heart was jealous of each happy flower
I thought they crowded in thy pleasant ways
To woo thy beauty & to win thy praise
I thought the folding star with eager climb
Gained evenings twilight arch before her time
& moons more soon than they were wont to be
Shone out on purpose to be found by thee

Pet MS A42 p103
Unpublished Sonnet

[Image: Mike Hobson]


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful roger. do you know when it was written? Northborough? Later? mike

DEI-EX said...

Difficult to be exact Mike, but likely before 1830 from internal evidence in the manuscript.