The Mothers Lullaby

Tune: BBC Recording 1951 published in Folksongs of Britain and Ireland, 1975

Hush lullaby my baby nor mix thy tears with mine
I grieve to think my parents would be no friends of thine
I grieve to think thy father - O grief my words oppose
To think thy little innosence should find so many foes

Hush lullaby my baby upon thy mothers arm
My prayers shall still the storm to rest to leave my baby warm
While to thy fathers Hall we go who fast asleep doth lye
Did he know his door was lockd on thee it might unclose his eye

Hush lullaby my baby he yet thy friend may be
& bye & bye I hope to find a friend again in thee
So hush my little baby the day comes bye & bye
The storm is gone the moon is up so hush & lullaby

Hush lullaby my baby I wake thee when I sigh
To think my parents turned us out nor bade thee a goodbye
Nor sighed to see thy breath nigh gone to meet the storm so high
But god has heard & the wind is gone so hush & lullaby

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