A Morning Walk

[Image : “Waiting for a Smile”(1890) by Alfred Stieglitz]

Ah sure it is a lovely day
As ever summers glory yields
& I will put my books away
& wander in the fields
Just risen is the red round sun
Cocks from the roost doth loudly bawl
& house bee busily begun
Hums round the mortered wall
& while I take my staff to start
Birds sing among the eldern leaves
& fighting sparrows glad at heart
Chirp in the cottage eaves
Nor can I help but turn & view
Ere yet I close the creaking door
The sunbeams eager peeping through
Upon the sanded floor

(lines 1-16)

The Midsummer Cushion
ed. Kelsey Thornton and Anne Tibble
(Ashington and Manchester: Mid-NAG and Carcanet, 1979)

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