I saw thee in lifes witching hour...

[Image: Anne Lee]

I saw thee in lifes witching hour
  I thought thee all divine
& sweeter still thou fairey flower
  Frail hope bespoke her mine
But why need I repent the day
  Which years have left with thee
Since one frail spring scarce stopt to say
  That hope can never be

The world full early frowned on me
  & shaped our lives contrary
It dashed the hopes I had for thee
  & made thee haughty Mary
For still methinks had I been born
  To meet lifes smiles so early
Pride neer had made me treat with scorn
  A name I loved so dearly

I felt in times now fled and gone
  By many a cheery token
The links that our hearts seem one
  Should not so soon be broken
But life a seeming shower at best
    Is nothing that it seems
& dreams of love were hope will rest
  Are nothing else but dreams

Poems of the Middle Period
ed. Eric Robinson, David Powell and P.M.S. Dawson
Volumes I-II (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1996)

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