The Lovers Meeting

Charms form'd by nature pleasing to excess
Delightfull heighten'd by the charms of dress
Adorning tortoise crown'd her lovley head
Her snowy neck with little curls bespread
While wilder ringlets did her forhead grace
Readding beauties to her beautious face
Around her shoulders negligently flung
Rich silks of Indias produce loosely hung

That kindly carless of loves glances there
Left the sweet beauties of her bosom bare
Those swelling charms such throbbing bosoms prove
All blooming beauties ripn'd into love
Her gown short-sleeved to set off her charms
Display'd the fineness of her well turnd arms
Her careless robes loose floating in the air
(As negligence in dress becomes the fair)

For scorching summer suited—light & thin
Improvd the beauties they conceald within
No dress compleater throughout fashions sphere
Could set her charms off better then they were
Queens (tho more costly) in a dress neer mov'd
Half so enticeing as my charmers 
Soon as she enter'd—‘O my lovley bride
‘Welcome thrice welcome to my arms’ I cry'd

The Lovers Meeting
John Clare Cottage Press 2014
(Lines 25-48)

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