The Lovers Meeting (excerpt)


  [Image : 'Shadows in a Winter Wood' by Nora S. Unwin]

When day declining usher'd to a Close
& evening silence bid the world repose
& deep'ning darkness hover'd oer the grove
Compell'd (not weary with the joys of love)
We fearless ventur'd from the blissfull seat
& blest the night that kept us still discreet
Unheeded home ward down the dusky plain
I led my charmer to her home again

& as weak troubles discompos'd her breast
I vow'd to love & kiss'd its fears to rest—
‘O do you love me? sighs the timerous maid
‘Will you still come?—I really am afraid
‘—O am I not Or am I to complain?—
‘When will you come?—O will you come again?
‘—Stay Strephon stay—I cannot let you go
‘Promise me truly—will to morrow do?’

Roger Rowe & Anne Lee
John Clare Cottage Press (2014)

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