Solitude (II)

Many will now have at least seen Anne Lee's wonderful little book which contains the first half of the 1921 (Village Minstrel) poem 'Solitude', few however, will know the second half of that poem - A different work entirely in my opinion - so over the next little while I shall post it here.  Dark and gothic, it uses Peterborough Cathedral as its binding motive.  However, Clare's political opinions surface time and time again.  The version I will be posting will be that I transcribed from Clare's manuscript, not the version Taylor and Hessey published.

    But as sorrows more opress
    As the world does more distress
    Yielding as misfortunes lower
    Dulging mellancholys hour
    Wishing to despise as then
    Brunts of fate & scorn of men
    When fates demons thus intrude
    Then I seek thee solitude

    Where the abbys height appears
    Hoary neath a weight of years
    Where the mouldering walls are seen
    Hung wi pelitorry green
    Where the steeples taper stretch
    Tries the eye its length to reach

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