Now tracking fields where passenger appears
As wading to his waist in crowding grain
Wherever as we pass the bending ears
Pat at our sides & gain their place again
Then crooked stile with little steps that aid
The climbing meets us & the pleasant grass
& hedgerows old with arbours ready made
For weariness to rest in pleasant shade
Surround us & with ecstasy we pass
Wild flower & insect tribes that ever mate
With joy & dance from every step we take
In numberless confusion all employ
Their little aims for peace & pleasures sake
& every summers footpath leads to joy

Pet MS A54 p415
Middle Period IV 318


aliqot said...

A lovely poem - I may well quote it on my walks blog!

Arborfield said...

Of course, and tell everyone about both this and John Clare Poet Facebook page! Roger R.