Pxxxx in 1818

[Image by Clementina Lady Hawarden (1860s) V&A]

Her hair was swarthy brown and soft of hue
As the sweet gloom that falls with evens dew
That on her fine white forehead did divide
In the triumphant negligence of pride
Her eyes were dark but they wore lights to shine
That love adores & poets call divine
Her cheeks summer blooms more hues than shade
Of loves soft innosence without its guide
& on the poutings of her amorous lip
Where youth loves fancied nectar loves to sip
Beauty had formulated that bewitching spell
That love adores & language cannot tell
Where charms triumphant made each gaze a prey
Heartaches for looking ere he turned away

"The Poet in Love" - Arbour Editions (2014)

“I met Patty by accident fell in love by accident married her by accident and esteemed her by choice       sure enough if I had not met her I should have at this day been a lonely solitary – feeling nothing but the worlds sorrows and troubles and sharing none of its happiness – as it is in the midst of trouble I am happy having a companion whom I feel deserves my best esteem”

'My Autobiographical Writings' (Robinson)

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