'Come the back way dear'

Roger is still up to his old tricks, but is this Jenney or not?

Now Granny's gone to bed    Steal in the back way
Ye shall be my favoured lad    I'll be your lass alway
Come in this happy night    For Granny's fast asleep
And I'll put out the light    Fear some should come to peep

So come the back way dear    To love me ye'll be free
Should ye kick at Grannys chair    Till furder ye'll find me
The fire it may be out    Or there'll may be be a spark
For there's nothing half so sweet    As kisses i' the dark

Love come the back way in    By the Mint and lads love tree*
And where my Grannys bin    I' the next chair feel for me
The fire's upo' the hearth    And there'll may be [be] a spark
The crickets sing i' mirth    And the kiss is sweet at dark

So Roger pulled the string    She from the window flew
She was a Lassie sweet    He was a lover true
He fell o'er Granny's chair    And felt his hearts delight
I' kisses sweet and fair    Till morning brought a light

LP II 886

Three poems in one, it can certainly be read in that way.  
Not the only time that Clare used this little 'trick'...

She from the window flew
He was a lover true
And felt his hearts delight
Till morning brought a light

* lads love tree = southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum)

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