1. (Image by Lady Clementina Hawarden)

    A new years welcome lovely maid
  2. Awakes the poets song
  3. Be not of moral truths afraid
  4. Nor deem the lesson wrong
  5. Though newyears still their welcomes bring
  6. & hails thy blooming hour
  7. & on the green lap of the spring
  8. Leaves thee its fairest flower

  9. The withered year had youth & pride
  10. As thy unclouded joy
  11. But the today though deified
  12. To morrow shall destroy
  13. & sweet as is thy lovely bloom
    Of mingled white & red
  14. A days in waiting yet to come
  15. Shall find that beauty fled

  16. Bind not thy heart to things so frail
  17. A worshipher of pride
  18. Let choice of better things prevail
  19. & meaner ones deride
  20. As fair as is that lovely bloom
  21. Thy witching youth puts on
  22. A frowning year is yet to come
  23. Shall find its blossom gone

  24. The withered year saw many flowers
  25. As fair as thou art seen
  26. That now are lost to suns & showers
  27. With blossoms that have been
  28. Then live from pride & folly free
  29. & wear an angels bosom
  30. & when the last new year shall be
  31. Live an unfading blossom 

    MP III 476

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