Thrice Welcome to thy song sweet warbling thrush

(A sonnet)
Thrice Welcome to thy song sweet warbling thrush
May you be happy as you still have been
The present sunshine warms your covert bush
The future clouds you know not what they mean
Vain foolish thought & why should ye be sad
Why be like me with ills to come oprest
To pass the present bliss that may be had
& wait on sorrow as a welcome guest
No sing thou on & let me sorrow still
I cant be happy be it as it will
In vain the sun gleams thro the prison grate
To cheer the felon thats condemnd to dye
His soul in anguish mourns impending fate
Such pains are his & such a one am I
The Early Poems of John Clare 1804-1822
ed. Eric Robinson, David Powell and Margaret Grainger
(Oxford, 2 volumes, I-II, 1989)

John Clare’s Journal (9th May 1825) :
Wrote another portion of my Life & took a Walk to seek a Nightingales nest.  Found a Song thrush’s in bushy close by the side of a young oak with 4 eggs.  Never saw one of this kind in such a place before.

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