The Lament of Swordy Well (IV)

Swaddywell butterflies

Then villagers, and members of the John Clare Society decided to take action and set up the Langdyke Countryside Trust to restore Swaddywell to its natural beauty and turn it into a nature reserve.

Parish allowance gaunt and dread
Had it the earth to keep
Would even pine the bees to dead
To save an extra keep
Prides workhouse is a place that yields
From poverty its gains
And mines a workhouse for the fields
A starving the remains

The bees flye round in feeble rings
And find no blossom bye
Then thrum their almost weary wings
Upon the moss and die
Rabbits that find my hills turned oer
Forsake my poor abode
They dread a workhouse like the poor
And nibble on the road

If with a clover bottle now
Spring dares to lift her head
The next day brings the hasty plough
And makes me miserys bed
The butterflyes may wir to come
I cannot keep em now
Nor can they bear my parish home
That withers on my brow
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Nomad said...

I like the bits of its story you're telling at the start of the portions-- especially as the news is getting better!