The Lament of Swordy Well (V)

Carry Ackroyd's "A Swaddywell Field" - See

The Langdyke Countryside Trust was founded in 2000 to celebrate John Clare's legacy to natural history and promote and safeguard landscapes and places of importance through his writings.

No now not een a stone can lie
Im just what eer they like
My hedges like the winter flye
And leave me but the dyke
My gates are thrown from off the hooks
The parish thoroughfare
Lord he thats in the parish books
Has little wealth to spare

I couldnt keep a dust of grit
Nor scarce a grain of sand
But bags and carts claimed every bit
And now theyve got the land
I used to bring the summer life
To many a butterflye
But in oppressions iron strife
Dead tussocks bow and sigh

Ive scarce a nook to call my own
For things that creep or flye
The beetle hiding neath a stone
Does well to hurry bye
Stock eats my struggles every day
As bare as any road
He's sure to be in somethings way
If eer he stirs abroad
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Nomad said...

To look at Carrie Ackroyd's painting, vivid with life and movement, and to read the barren, lamenting lines is quite a contrast!