The Lament of Swordy Well (VI)

Another July 2005 view

The restoration of Swaddywell Pit is an important part of the Langdyke Countryside Trust's work, and at the end of 2004 the Trust received a grant for £28,000 from the Aggregates Levy Sustainable Fund (ALSF) to support its work at the site.

I am no man to whine and beg
But fond of freedom still
I hing no lies on pitys peg
To bring a gris to mill
On pitys back I neednt jump
My looks speak loud alone
My only tree the've left a stump
And nought remains my own

My mossy hills gains greedy hand
And more then greedy mind
Levels into a russet land
Nor leaves a bend behind
In summers gone I bloomed in pride
Folks came for miles to prize
My flowers that bloomed no where beside
And scarce believed their eyes

Yet worried with a greedy pack
They rend and delve and tear
The very grass from off my back
Ive scarce a rag to wear
Gain takes my freedom all away
Since its dull suit I wore
And yet scorn vows I never pay
And hurts me more and more
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Megan said...

The photographs and paintings accompany the poem beautifully! Thank you for directing me here!