from "The Wish"

    A strong brick wall should bound the outward fence
  Where by the suns allcheering influence
  Walltrees should flourish in a spreading row
  & Peach & Pear in ruddy lustre glow
  A five foot bed should follow from the wall
  To look compleat or save the trees withall
  On which small seeds for sallading Id sow
  While curl-leaf Parsley should for edges grow
  My Garden in four quarters Id divide
  To show good taste & not a gaudy pride

  In this the middle walk should be the best
  Being more to sight exposed than the rest
  At whose southend a harbor should be made
  So well belovd in summer for its shade:
  For this the rose woud do or jessamine
  With virginbower or the sweet woodbine

  Each one of these woud form exactly well
  A compleat harbor both for shade or smell
  Here woud I sit when leisure did agree
  To view the pride of summer scenery

Pet MS C2 p63-6
EP I 46-50
(Unpublished elsewhere)

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