Haunted Pond (excerpt)

O superstition terryfying power

Thou dithering agent of Nights solemn hour

How (when pitch darkness glooms the awful night)

Thy dithering terrors rush upon the sight

Then the grim terrors of thy haunting train

Swim thro the gloom & stalk along the plain

Then all the horrid forms the eye can see

Which fancy moulds are realizd by thee

Here murder shudders on with giant stride

& heedless spirits cringes by his side

The calls of mercy—helpless wails of woe
Are still heard howling in the woods below
The bloody stainings undefacd by time
Still dyes the grass a witness to the crime
Now silent forms in musing mood suceeds
As mourning inly some unraveld deeds
The slowly solem step the drooping head
Such woes are plain depicted in their tread
Now usless mizers midnight hags forlorn
In shattered rags their saving deeds have worn

(lines 1-20)

EP I 285
(Unpublished elsewhere)

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