... a little more from "The Wish"

  The one wherein thro summer I might sleep
  The other should my orchards produce keep
  Yet both shuld boast a bed as one might be
  Useful for those that came to visit me
  Of this there should be very little shown
  Tho friends & nearest kin Id never cease to own
  But as my self they both alike should fare
  & while it lasted might be welcome there
  My chamber window should oer look the east
  That in delicious views my eyes might feast

  There girt with crimson see the morning sun
  Thro distant trees his journey just begun
  Still mounting every moment stages higher
  & as his height increases so the fire
  At other times succeeds the vaporing mist
  Hiding each object quite from east to west
  While other mornings shine with pearly dews
  Then is the time to look for distant views

  The Tree the Wood the Cot & distant Spire
  I woud search after with a fond desire

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