Meet me Tonight

O meet me to-night by the bright starlight,
     Now the pleasant Spring's begun.
My own dear maid, by the greenwood shade,
     In the crimson set of the sun,
                    Meet me to-night.

The sun he goes down with a ruby crown
     To a gold and crimson bed;
And the falling dew, from heaven so blue,
     Hangs pearls on Phoebe's head.
                    Love, leave the town.

Come thou with me; 'neath the green-leaf tree
     We'll crop the bonny sweet brere.
O come, dear maid, 'neath the hazlewood shade,
     For love invites us there.
                    Come then with me.

The owl pops, scarce seen, from the ivy green,
     With his spectacles on I ween:
See the moon's above and the stars twinkle, love;
     Better time was never seen.
                    O come, my queen.

The fox he stops, and down he drops
     His head beneath the grass.
The birds are gone; we're all alone;
     O come, my bonny lass.
                    Come, O come!

J.L. Cherry, Life and Remains of John Clare
(London and Northampton: Frederick Warne and J. Taylor and Son, 1873)

John Clare Poet facebook group

[Holme Fen this year]

In December 2012, poet Angela Topping and I decided it was time to start a proper John Clare Facebook page. As of today (23rd November 2014), my how we have grown, with today no fewer than 473 members. Last year in August we held our inaugural 'group' weekend in the Helpston area, and over 19/20th May this year a gathering remembering our great poet by his graveside, and the gravesides of his wife Patty and muse Mary Joyce.  Over the weekend of the 12th/14th September, initially again in the Helpston area, we visited Holme Fen and Woodwalton Fen.  Lunch at the Admiral Wells at Holme Fen was fun!

We have writers, musicians, painters, photographers & illustrators, film-makers, poets, sculptors, several descendants of Clare, academics, and plain old fans of his work. We have a rolling virtual exhibition of work "John Clare 150" dedicated to Clare (more contributions would be welcomed), and several books have been published from members of the group who met via these pages, as well as other collaborations.

And to add to all that, the weekend of the 11th to 13th July was the 33rd Annual Festival in the village organised by our friends from the John Clare Society (many of us are of course, members of that organisation - one of the largest literary societies in the country).
Our cup runneth over...
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