Unperceived through key-holes creep
When all around have sunk to sleep 
To feast on what the cotter leaves 
Mice are not reckoned greater thieves 
They take away as well as eat 
& still the housewifes eye they cheat 
In spite of all the folks that swarm 
In cottage small & larger farm 
They through each key-hole pop & pop 
Like wasps into a grocers shop
With all the things that they can win 
From chance to put their plunder in

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Peaceful quiet dwells

Yet even there prolific summer dwells
& garnishes its sides in vivid green
Of flags & reeds the otters pathless den
Now lane without a guidepost plainly tells
The homeward path while from a stile is seen
The open church tower & its little bells
& chimneys low where peaceful quiet dwells

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Image by my friend #CarryAkroyd

Quiet musing lye

Beech trees tho their bloom is flown
Still fragments of the autumn wear
Muffld in leaves of rustling brown
Coy beautys wildness lingers there
& milking hovels passing bye
In some close nook were shelter dwells
& cows at quiet musing lye
Whose breath steams up in savourey smells

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Image by my friend #JohnAbbott

I love the green

I love the luscious green before the bloom

The leaves & grass & even beds of moss
When leaves gin bud & spring prepares to come
The Ivys evergreen the brown green gorse
Plots of green weeds that barest roads engross
That pleases little birds & makes them sing
I love the green before the blooms of spring
Like pavements of rubies where angels may tread

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A carpet of gold

This morning I marked in what splendour he rose

Like a king of the east ere his journey he goes
His bed in the skys any fancy might trace
With a curtain of scarlet half hiding his face
Then as he rose up to his throne for a seat
It changed to a carpet of gold at his feet
Then as a majicians wand touched it there came
A dye oer the east of all hues ye can name
A dappled profusion of gold blue & red
Like pavements of rubies where angels may tread

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Marshy flats

But in these marshy flats these stagnant floods
Security pervades
From year to year
Places untrodden lie
Where man nor boy nor stock hath ventured near
Naught gazed on but the sky
& fowl that dread
The very breath of man
Hiding in spots that never knew his tread

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Splendid feathered things

Look where two splendid feathered things
Sit on that grey & stretching bough
That from the leaning willow hings
Half o'er the gulling flood below
Like foreign birds' their plumage shines
In splendours rich and varied hue
The peacocks tail is scarce as fine
Rich-shaded orange green & blue

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Clouds rack & drive before the wind 
In shapes & forms of every kind 

Like waves that rise without the roar 

& rocks that guard an untrodden shore 

Now castles pass majestic by 

& ships in peaceful havens lie 

These gone ten thousand shapes ensue 

For ever beautiful and new 

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I love thee nature

I love thee nature in my inmost heart

Go where I will thy truth seems from above
Go where I will thy landscape forms a part
Of heaven—e'en these fens where wood nor grove
Are seen—their very nakedness I love
For one dwells nigh that secret hopes prefer
Above the race of women—like the dove
I mourn her abscence—fate that would deter
My hate for all things—strengthens love for her

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Image by my friend #CarryAkroyd

The crimpling snow

I never want the grass to bloom

The snow-storm's best in white
I love to see the tempest come
And love its piercing light
The dazzled eyes that love to cling
O'er snow white meadows sees the Spring
I love the snow the crimpling snow
That hangs on every thing
It covers every thing below

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Wild & neglected

& tho thou seemst a weedling wild
Wild & neglected like to me
Thou still art dear to natures child
& I will stoop to notice thee
For oft like thee in wild retreat
Aray'd in humble garb like thee
Theres many a seeming weed proves sweet
As sweet as garden flowers can be

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Trees shadow reaches

Mary when trees shadow reaches
Staulkingly across the plain
Thine & mine when evening stretches
Like two giants oer the plain
Thens the time the pleasures stealeth
Which I often wish to see
Thens the time my bosom feeleth
All its joy belongs to thee

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Deliciousness of solitude

All the deliciousness of solitude 
While sauntering noisless oer the leafy ground 
The air we breath seems loosing every trace 
Of earth & all its trouble & the mind 
Yearns for a dwelling in so sweet a place 
From troubles noise such stillness seemeth bye
Yet soon the side brings some unwelcome spire 
To bid the charm of solitude retire 

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Her cheering ray

How sweet the moon extends her cheering ray
To damp the terors of the darksome night
Guiding the lonley Trav'ller on his way
Pointing the path that leads his Journey right
Hail welcome blessing to thy silver light
That charms dull night & makes its horrors gay

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Image by my friend #CarryAkroyd

Refreshing powers

Theres more then music in this early wind 
Awaking like a bird refreshed from sleep 
& joy what Adam might in Eden find 
When he with angels did communion keep 
It breaths all balm & insence from the sky 
Blessing the husbandman with freshening powers 
Joys manna from its wings doth fall & lie 
Harvests for early wakers with the flowers

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The mossy ground

The village close & green for play renownd
The hedgerow bank where oft in searching ken
We both have crawld along the mossy ground
To hunt the snailhorn in his secret den
The thymy seated hill the hoof plod ground
Whose batterd surface ownd the marble ring
The straggling bush where many a nest was found
The shelterd hovel & the bathing spring

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Oer the heath

Here oft though grass & moss are seen 
Tannd brown for want of showers 
Still keeps the ling its darksome green 
Thick set with little flowers 
& yonder mingling oer the heath 
The furze delights to dwell 
Whose blossoms steal the summers breath 
& shed a sultry smell 
Here threatning ploughs have tried in vain 
To till the sandy soil 
Yon slope already sown with grain 
Shows nature mocks the toil

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Brimming dykes

The dullest scenes are not so dull

As thoughts I cannot tell
The brimming dykes are not so full
As my heart’s silent swell
I leave my troubles to the winds
With none to share a part
The only joy my feeling finds
Hides in an aching heart

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Blazing shadows

As gleaming suns that twitter while they gleam

& dance their blazing shadows in the stream
Were small black moths dip light their fluttering wings
& heedless fishes leap in bouncing springs
Curving the flood tho winds withold their breath
In ceasless eddies with their playfull mirth
Then free from bother of entangling weeds
As we throw in were clear the stream proceeds

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Like hovel warm

The snow falls deep the Forest lies alone
The boy goes hasty for his load of brakes
Then thinks upon the fire & hurries back
The Gipsy knocks his hands & tucks them up
& seeks his squalid camp half hid in snow
Beneath the oak which breaks away the wind
& bushes close with snow like hovel warm

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Roozy and bright

My wish now's to sit in a cottage made snug
By a fire burning roozy and bright
With a Friend to make shorter short days by a Jug
And some Books for amusement at night
And could I enjoy such a peaceable lot
I'd ne'er cast on Fortune a frown
Nor would I possesing my Friend, Books, and Cott
Exchange 'em away for a — Crown!

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Kites high overhead

Nay some have witnessd as they passd that way
Grey owlets whooping in the very day
& in the trees that did their shadows fling
Close to the door the noisey crows in spring
Woud build their nests unscard when she was bye
& tho they saw her never car’d to flye
& some like kites high overhead woud watch
Tho she’d no chickens in her yard to catch

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Image by my friend #CarryAkroyd

Full & brimming

The floods come oer the meadow leas
The dykes are full & brimming
Field furrows reach the horses knees
Where wild ducks oft are swimming
The skies are black the fields are bare
The trees their coats are loosing
The leaves are dancing in the air
The sun its warmth refusing

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Approach of rain

The cat runs races with her tail. The dog

Leaps oer the orchard hedge and knarls the grass.
The swine run round and grunt and play with straw,
Snatching out hasty mouthfuls from the stack.
Sudden upon the elmtree tops the crow
Unceremonious visit pays and croaks,
Then swops away. From mossy barn the owl
Bobs hasty out--wheels round and, scared as soon,
As hastily retires. The ducks grow wild
And from the muddy pond fly up and wheel
A circle round the village and soon, tired,
Plunge in the pond again. The maids in haste
Snatch from the orchard hedge the mizzled clothes
And laughing hurry in to keep them dry

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Wealth far richer

#JohnClare finding beauty everywhere…

Then village childern seeking after toys
Their clownish hearts & ever heedless eyes
Find  nought in nature they as wealth can prize
With them self interest & the thoughts of gain
Are natures beautys all beside are vain
But he the man of science & of taste
Sees wealth far richer in the worthless waste
Where bits of lichen & a sprig of moss
Will all the raptures of his mind engross

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Waiting for Jane

We stand by the brook by the gate & the stile

While the even star hangs out his lamp in the sky
& on her calm face dwells a sweet sunny smile
While her soul fondly speaks through the light of her eye
Sweet are the moments while waiting for Jane
'T’is her footsteps I hear coming down the green lane

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The wood robin

Here the wood robin rustling on the leaves
With fluttering step each visitor recieves
Yet from his ancient home he seldom stirs
In heart content on these dead teazle burs
He sits [&] trembles oer his under notes
So rich—joy almost choaks his little throat
With extacy & from his own heart flows
That joy himself & partner only knows

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Nobody comets to woo?

On Martinmas eve the dogs did bark,

And I opened the window to see,
When every maiden went by with her spark
But ne’er a one came to me.
And O dear what will become of me?
And O dear what shall I do,
When nobody whispers to marry me—
Nobody cometh to woo?

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Dazzling light

I love the snow the crumpling snow

That hangs on everything
It covers everything below
Like white doves brooding wing
A landscape to the aching sight
A vast expanse of dazzling light

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