O now the crimson east its fire streak burning 

Tempts me to wander neath the blushing morn 

Winding the zig zag lane turning & turning 

As winds the crooked fences wilderd thorn 

O wheres the eye can gaze upon the dawn 

That flushes yon blue sky of cloudless heaven 

& gilds the prospect round below—what eye 

Can look upon the beautys morn has given 

& look unmovd, sure neer a soul thats living 

The soul must be extinct who passes bye 

I cannot pass the very bramble weeping 

Neath dewy tear drops that its spears surround 

Like harlots mockery on the wan cheek creeping 

Gilding the poison that is meant to wound 

I cannot pass the bent ere gales have shaken 

Its transient crowning off each point adorning 

But all the feelings of my soul awaken 

To own the witcheries of most lovley morning 

EP II 213

from 'Walking with John Clare'

Arbour Editions (2018)