Hopes sun shines sweet...

Here is one of Lady Clementina Hawarden's delicious daughters (whoops, sorry... but they are all so beautiful) - the photo taken in around 1860 - coupled with a Clare sonnet published in our third handmade limited edition volume "In the Shadows".

Hopes sun shines sweet but who of hopes are proud

To see how soon it meeteth with a cloud

How many hopes & memorys went with thee

That forwerd looked to better destiny

Song seems not worth the muses care

Unless to grace it womans love be there

& fame is but a shadow crowned with {     }

Without the cheering sun of womans grace

When thy young bosom at the tales it heard

Heavd up & panted like a timid bird

Thy splendid beauty blushed upon the sight

Like sudden frenzy of unlooked for flight

Thou haven of my trouble when I see

That lovely face the show is past with me

A discovery from the Clare Archive in Peterborough 

by Professor Eric Robinson and Roger Rowe

Any thoughts on the missing word?