Superstitious Dream (excerpt)

Strange, as I read this - I am currently assembling Chapbook No.9 'The Gothic John Clare" - I feel Clare speaking of the disastrous Climate Change policy of most of the world's governments - a wringing of hands and not much else.  Already we are seeing the results of many decades of idle chatter and no coherent change to protect the environment.  Clare of course wrote this long poem about 'judgement' but perhaps that is not far from what awaits our childrens childrens children?

Fierce ragd destruction sweeping oer the land
& the last counted moment seemd at hand
As scales near equal hang the earnest eyes
In doubtful balance which shall fall or rise
So in the moment of that crashing blast
Eyes hearts & hopes pausd trembling for the last
& sudden thunder claps with yawning rents
Gashd the frail garments of the elements
& bursting wirlwinds wingd in purple flame
& lightnings flash in stronger terrors came
Burning all life & nature were they fell
& leaving earth as desolate as hell

The pleasant hues of woods & fields was past
& natures beautys had enjoyd their last
The colord flower the green of field & tree
What they had been forever ceasd to be
Grass shriveld brown in miserable hues
& showers of fire dryd up the hissing dews
Leaves crumbld ashes in the airs hot breath
& all awaited universal death
The sleeping birds scard from their mossy nest
Beat through the evil air in vain for rest
& many a bird the withering shades among
Wakend to perish oer its brooded young

& nightingale that waken with the moon
Dyd in the midst of its unfinishd tune
The cattle startld with the sudden fright
Sickend from food & maddend into flight
& steed and beast in plunging speed pursued
The desperate struggle of the multitude
The faithful dog yet knew its masters face
& cringing followd with a fearful pace
& joind the piteous yell with panting breath
While blasing lightnings followd fast with death
& as destruction stopt the vain retreat
They dropt & dying lickd their owners feet

MP I 327
(lines 49-84)