Clare's 1819 hymn to being alone... with Patty.

The first 14 lines, illustrated by Anne Lee.  The book may be obtained from Anne direct.  As is the way with scans of paper images on special paper, this is really a pale imitation of the real thing.

Song: "The spring may forget that he reigns in the sky"

The spring may forget that he reigns in the sky
& winter again hide her flowers in the snow
The summer may thirst when her fountains are dry
But I'll think of Mary wherever I go
The bird may forget that her nest is begun
When the snow settles white on the new budding tree
& nature in tempests forget the bright sun
But I'll ne'er forget her—that was plighted to me
How could I—how should I—that loved her so early
Forget—when I've sung of her beauty in song
How could I forget—what I've worshiped so dearly
From boyhood to manhood—& all my life long—
As leaves to the branches in summer comes duly
& blossoms will bloom on the stalk & the tree
To her beauty I'll cling—& I'll love her as truly
& think of sweet Mary wherever I be

(lines 477-492) - Child Harold

The Later Poems of John Clare
ed. Eric Robinson and Geoffrey Summerfield
(Manchester University Press, 1964)

SONG "The beauties o' youth lovley Emma adorning"

[Image : Anne Lee]

The beauties o' youth lovley Emma adorning
As the spring is first seen to disclose
When the dew dropping silver o' mays infant morning
Unfolds the sweet blush o' the rose
While her charms—O as varied as summers profusion
& ripe as the autumn for love
In her blue eyes sweet beaming the thrilling confusion
Near failing each bosom to move
While the snows o' the winter improvd on her bosom
No need o' a rival be told
—& O my sad pains—when I 'gan to disclose em
I found it as killing & cold

Early Poems of John Clare 1804-1822
ed. Eric Robinson, David Powell and Margaret Grainger
(Oxford, 2 volumes, I-II, 1989)