Lassie I love thee

Lassie I love thee
The heavens above thee
Look downwards to move thee
And prove my love true
My arms round thy waist love
My head on thy breast love
By a true man caressed love
Ne'er bid me adieu

Thy cheeks full o' blushes
Like the rose in the bushes
In a love stream it gushes
With over delight
Though clouds may come o'er thee
Sweet maid I'll adore thee
As I do now before thee
I’ll Love thee tonight

It stings me to madness
To see thee all gladness
While I'm full o sadness
Thy meaning to guess
Thy gown is deep blue love
In honour of true love
Ever thinking of you love
My love I'll confess

My love ever shewing
Thy hearts worth the knowing
It is like the sun glowing
And hid in thy breast
Thy lover behold me
To my bosom I'll fold thee
For thou love thou'st just told me
So here thou may rest

J.L. Cherry, Life and Remains of John Clare
(London and Northampton: Frederick Warne and J. Taylor and Son, 1873)

Incidentally, Cherry's book is readily available free as an e-book.

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