"Een winter deemed so desolate a waste"

Let's have something new.  Not sure if this is published, I found it in a manuscript last June, and cannot find it anywhere.

Een winter deemed so desolate a waste
Hath crowds of beautys to the man of taste
& oft he walks about on quiet days
Full many things to notice & to praise
Where oer the snow clad fields the little feet
Of hares are printed that betray their seat
& woods so still he een may hear the sound
Of small wrens footsteps or the heaving ground
While trees & branches make a splendid show
Of lights & shadows hung in wreaths of snow

Beside the fire large apples lay to roast
& in a hugh brown pitcher creaming ale
Was warming seasoned with a nut meg toast
The merry group of gossips to regale
With in the chimney top the threating gale            
Howld angrily & loud but coud not scare                          
The crickets raptures from its merry tale                         
Around her feet the glad cat curld her tail
Listing the crickets song with half shut eyes           
While in the chimney top loud roars the gale

Pet MS A42 p105


Racker Donnelly said...

It starts & finishes routinely but, in between, glimpses of the genius of Clare.

John said...

The second stanza is from 'St Martins Eve'

Arborfield said...

Thank you John... just 4 lines (46-49) it seems. Another poem as part of the creative process. Fascinating...