The Early Daisy

With all the pleasant things
That come with spring
What time the mavis builds & sings
            I love the daisy well
Ere hedges throw a sprout
Of greenness out
They peep and shine about

& care not where they dwell

Beside the garden pales
Their silver bloom prevails
& glads the childrens tales

While sitting there at play
In the grass they come & crowd
Wherever weeds allowed
A footing they are proud

In glad springs early day

Sallows that by the little pond recline
& sweetly shine
In tasselled gold seem not so sweet as thine

Low blooming at their foot

Ive thought so when a boy
In plays employ
Racing the lambs in joy

& resting at its root


The blackthorns like a sheet
& faintly sweet
Pale March in hedges meet

Like snows in bloom
But daisies came before
On green and moor
& ere snowstorms were oer

I saw them come

The mind will dream and cling
To pleasant things
That come again with spring

As when health used to go
Down little paths & spy
Cowslips so nigh
That as we wandered by

Would pat agen the shoe

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Image by my friend #TonyGale

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